The Employment Lifecycle

Let us be honest, Irish Employment law is complicated and at times vague which challenges the most knowledgeable legal expert.   This A-Z guide is a useful tool, but it is not definitive as every case is different.  It is just that ‘guidelines’ Adoptive Leave 26 weeks state paid + 16 weeks unpaid (can beContinue reading “The Employment Lifecycle”

PARENTS LEAVE – Extension of Leave

Cabinet approves three extra weeks of paid leave for parents of children born after 1 November 2019. CABINET HAS APPROVED the extension of paid Parent’s Leave to include an additional three weeks of leave for parents after a child’s birth or adoption. Parents will now be entitled to take five weeks of Parent’s Leave afterContinue reading “PARENTS LEAVE – Extension of Leave”

Simple Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations

Every employer’s goal is to create and maintain an environment in which employees feel respected, fairly treated and that their needs are being met. Employee want to: know their work is appreciated and valued be included in the decision making process have fair working conditions engage in satisfying and challenging work grow through development andContinue reading “Simple Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations”

Critical Thinking in Everyday Life

Critical Thinking in Everyday Life: 9 Strategies I recently have to participate in a number of psychometric tests and one of them was on critical thinking in which I scored average. It is a subject I never approach before and I was astounded when I met the evaluator who told me that the majority ofContinue reading “Critical Thinking in Everyday Life”

UK and Ireland CEOs’ views on employees – IBM CEO Study 2012

A recent IBM study of more than 1,700 Chief Executive Officers from 60 countries and 18 industries worldwide illustrates that companies are seeing a trend toward more open, team-based working environments, with UK and Ireland CEOs believing that collaboration is key to employee success; UK and Ireland CEOs look for collaboration and flexibility as keyContinue reading “UK and Ireland CEOs’ views on employees – IBM CEO Study 2012”

Absenteeism – EURO 2012

The qualification for the Euro 2012 finals is added boost to the Irish psyche at the moment and one we hope will bring back the euphoria of previous tournaments, such as Italia 90. But Employers should be aware along with this jubilation will unfortunately be an increase in absenteeism.  So now is the time toContinue reading “Absenteeism – EURO 2012”

Are you prepared for the Grey Hair Time Bomb?

The huge deficit in both public and private sector pension schemes means that it is now a reality that many people will have to work beyond the age of 65, the traditional age of retirement in Ireland, in order to avoid the poverty line. Also with the changes to the Irish State Pension Age, announcedContinue reading “Are you prepared for the Grey Hair Time Bomb?”

Outsourcing HR – Here to help

Human Resources (HR) whether you like it or not, is a necessity when you have employees. But would you like to take these duties off your plate?  According to a Small Business Association study, the average small business owner spends 25% of their valuable time handling employee related paperwork.  This average increases to a staggeringContinue reading “Outsourcing HR – Here to help”