Simple Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations

Every employer’s goal is to create and maintain an environment in which employees feel respected, fairly treated and that their needs are being met.

Employee want to:

  • know their work is appreciated and valued
  • be included in the decision making process
  • have fair working conditions
  • engage in satisfying and challenging work
  • grow through development and tactful discipline
  • receive appropriate help with personal problems

So Employers need to:

  1. acknowledge a job well done
  2. understand and respond to employee concerns
  3. communicate openly with everyone
  4. recognise personal problems and assist where possible or direct employee to a source of help
  5. avoid idle threats about job security
  6. carefully consider employee concerns about working conditions
  7. live up to their commitments
  8. listen, investigate and consider before disciplining
  9. be consistent – treating each employee in the same, fair fashion


Bernie Twomey is a HR Consultant and the founder of HR Made Simple located in Cork, Ireland

Published by hrmadesimple

Hi there and welcome to my blog, which supports the smaller but growing companies who do not have access to a Human Resources (HR) specialist. The goal of my consultancy is to offer practical HR advice to guide SMEs at competitive rates. Together we will ensure your business and employees flourish. For further information, please check out my various social media sites.

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