Looking for a career change?


Is your career on track or do you feel like you need a clearer sense of purpose and direction? Is your present direction enabling a meaningful life? Do you have people who can support you in your career development?

Working with a coach directly will give you the tools to start working immediately on planning the next phase in your career with confidence and enthusiasm such as:-

  • Developing reflective practices and necessary tools to convert your career history into a well crafted and targeted CV.
  • Tailoring and marketing your CV, cover letters and application forms to the needs of prospective employers
  • To building your confidence which is vital to interview success by working with you on what you need to know about interview preparation and performance.
  • Identifying personal strengths and how to articulate them in the interview.
  • Preparing thoroughly for any interview using proven and effective techniques.

Coaching will also assist you in:-
• Developing a personal career strategy based on personal goals, needs and priorities.
• Gaining confidence and direction through an awareness of your key strengths.
• Building and maintaining mutually beneficial alliances through effective networking.
• Raising your profile in your organisation and beyond.
• To begin to make the transition, if desired, to a new area of employment.

Published by hrmadesimple

Hi there and welcome to my blog, which supports the smaller but growing companies who do not have access to a Human Resources (HR) specialist. The goal of my consultancy is to offer practical HR advice to guide SMEs at competitive rates. Together we will ensure your business and employees flourish. For further information, please check out my various social media sites.

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